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Telmex - Nowy Styl Cc. is proficient in the design and supply of office furniture for all your office needs. The company’s main focus is complete customer service from point of consultation, planning and design needs, delivery, installation and after-sales service, with consideration for the organisation of the office, ergonomics, space 
Ergonomic workstation covers the choice of office furniture, office chairs and equipment, and then their proper arrangement and lighting so as to provide a worker with: comfort, efficiency, and safety. Modern and ergonomic arrangement of an office creates a favourable image of the company.
The Telmex-Nowy Styl Cc. takes responsibility for the natural environment. As the Nowy Styl Group develops, it’s careful to follow all legal regulations in the sphere of environmental protection in order that its manufacturing has as little impact as possible on the natural environment. This is why 


4ME • office chair

4ME's characteristic feature is its unique backrest. The shape of backrest fastening is not only about interesting design – it is also an important functional element. The inner structure of the backrest makes it amazingly flexible so it follows e

EASY SPACE • office furniture

Easy Space offers a variety of solutions to create the perfect office environment, a concept of creating space ideally suited to efficiency in the workplace. Easy Space offers solutions which enable well thought out arrangement and perfect use of space. Ergonomics and refined details make the office comfortable and work more pleasant and efficient.

SAND • office furniture

sand combines the individual user's requirement concerning a work environment with the framework conditions of an organisation. Optimally designed working landscapes take these individual requirements into account, also for future developments and structural changes.

SQart • office furniture

SQart is a new furniture system that provides almost limitless office furnishing solutions. This system enables you to create a range of combinations that are ideally suited to fit your space making SQart totally practical.

eRANGE • office furniture

Its designers describe it as follows: "eRange is a contemporary yet timeless system. The ‘e’ refers to electronics, but it also stands for "essential". The eRange is a refined, modern and discreet system. It is a pure form of elegance. With the eRange top quality comes as a standard.

BELITE • office chair

The Belite chair is distinguished by its decisive, uncompromising lines. Thanks to the nature of the materials used in its construction, Belite simply shines making it hard to ignore. Sitting down can be a greater pleasure than you think.

MOJITO • office chair

Mojito fits remarkably well into the spaces of modern managerial activity and bold visions of success and development. A variety of models, refined materials and the latest ergonomic technologies guarantee a perfect response to the requirements of the modern office.

ZONE • sofa

With its simple and classical lines the Zone makes reference to the finest traditions of design. It does not dominate the interior but complements and enlivens it subtly, giving it an individual character. Both the armchair and the sofa correspond with the Zen chair, together they make for a great arrangement. The combination evokes an atmosphere of openness, calmness and harmony.

MAGNES II • sofa

The modernised Magnes II seating system has not only an improved in form but also a number of new functionalities. The simple form lets you create combinations to match any interior. From now on, there will be no limits to their imagination.
CX 3200

CX 3200 • conference table

CX 3200 is a combination of modern and light design with intuitive and simple assembly, while it ensures great stability and relatively low product weight. The system allows the arrangement of different types of conference spaces, from small rooms for a few people up to large conference or video conference rooms.
  • 4ME office chair